Gods and Generals

Film Premiere

February 10, 2003 at the National Theatre



Based on the best-selling novel “Killer Angels” by Jeff Shaara, Gods and Generals was a prequel to the 1993 hit Gettysburg.  The film follows the rise and fall of legendary war hero Lieutenant General “Stonewall” Jackson.


Jeff Daniels reprises his role as Lieutenant Colonel Chamberlain and Stephen Lang (who played Major General George Pickett in Gettysburg) stars as “Stonewall” Jackson.  Robert Duvall plays the infamous General Robert E. Lee (previously played by Martin Sheen).


The screening was held at the National Theatre, and many of the films stars made appearances at the event.



Robert Duvall speaking with a soldier during the reception following the premiere. 



Sissy Spacek poses with a fan before the screening. 

Spacek accompanied her nephew, Stephen Spacek to the screening. 

He played Captain James Power Smith.



Soldiers posing with a picture of Lieutenant General

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson during the premiere.